Awesome Shark Fruit Salad for a Shark Themed Party Food Idea

Awesome Shark Fruit Salad for a Shark Themed Party Food Idea - DIY watermelon shark idea for a fun fruit salad for kids -
Back by popular demand…it’s the Shark Fruit Salad! Today, I’d love to share a fun food idea for your Ocean themed birthday, summer, shark week party or just for fun. I made this a few years back and because of repeated requests from my boys –  I made it again, yesterday. My kids LOVE this scary looking shark fruit salad, and I know your’s will too. It’s super...
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Homemade Chocolate Whipped Cream

Homemade Chocolate Whipped Cream. Perfect every time, easy and delicious. Great for holidays and picnics! -
I’ve noticed this post for Homemade Chocolate Whipped Cream in my top 10, lately. That got me to thinkin’ I’d better whip up a batch and get some better pictures. The kids were NOT disappointed! Here’s the old post with updated pictures… So, this didn’t last long on the platter. As a matter of fact, the strawberries were gone in about 2.5 seconds. And, the...
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Caramel Filled Baked Apple Wrapped In A Crescent Roll

How to Make Homemade Crescent wrapped apples filled with caramel - Delicious and fun dessert - Easy to make
Wow! This is one amazing caramel apple and it’s so easy to make. This is a great idea for an afternoon snack, tea with the girls, summer parties or a fancy dessert. Imagine an apple wrapped in buttery crescent dough, baked until the apple is tender but crisp, and filled with oozing caramel. Serve that with ice cream and you’ve got yourself an irresistible dessert. Come on in and...
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Simple and Quick Homemade Berry Jam

The easiest mixed berry sauce ever! It's so simple and delicious! A perfect recipe for all of those berries you picked this summer! Great on pancakes, and ice cream! Yum
Simple and Quick are my two favorite ingredients for cooking! Last week I spotted some wild blackberries at the back edge of my parent’s property. With summer coming quickly to a halt, I planned a next day, return trip to go berry picking with the kids. There was a berry jam, or you might even call it sauce, that I wanted to make from some blueberries we picked earlier in the summer. How...
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A Patriotic Fruit Tray With Whipped Cream Star

This patriotic fruit tray looks a lot like Captain America's Shield! Whipped Cream Star in the center! Angel Food cake, and fruit! Perfect food idea for Patriotic parties, Fourth of July, Memorial Day, or an Avenger Party!
This red, white, and blue patriotic fruit tray was so simple to make, and was gobbled down in a matter of minutes! I used a cookie cutter to make the whipped cream star center, and angel food cake for another white band! With this fruit idea resembling Captain America’s shield, it’s also perfect for an Avengers Birthday Party! Here’s the how to:   You’ll Need: A large...
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Fruit Salsa With Cinnamon Sugar Dipping Chips Recipe

Fruit Salsa with Baked Cinnamon Sugar Chip Bowls!
I love Salsa anything! Mango salsa, tomato salsa, black bean salsa…you name it! But, I’ve never had fruit salsa! How is that even possible?  I paired this fruit salsa with a fun cinnamon sugar dipping chip that was so dang easy to  make! I made them into dipping shapes using a mini muffin tin to shape them! Come on in, I’ll show you how: 🙂   You’ll Need: 3 Tblsp. of fruit...
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