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At Christmas Village, in Torrington, CT, your child or grandchild can visit Rudolph, and some of the other reindeer, Mrs. Claus, the elves hard at work in Santa’s workshop, and of course Mr. Claus, himself. Every child that visits this very nice Santa, receives a small gift to take home. This is all free, and is supplied by donations only.  You will just love this experience!

As you pull up to Christmas Village, you’ll notice a line forming outside. This is the line for Santa. You’ll see moms, dads, grandparents, and children chatting with people in front of them, and behind them. Everyone is excited with anticipation. That’s because, waiting inside, on a grand red throne, and surrounded by gifts for each boy and girl, is Santa himself. Yes, after your wait, your patience is paid off. As you step inside the heated hallway, you’ll be outside Santa’s room. He is still with his guests, making sure everyone in the room has had their share of time, and making sure he reads every boy and girls list out loud with them. He is also handing each boy and girl a present for them to keep. After everyone in the group just before you, has finished taking pictures, and has finished visiting with this Jolly Old Elf, you’ll hear jingle bells. That’s the sound of the door opening! Get ready because, it’s your turn!  Take time to enjoy the moments with Santa. You’ve earned it!

Now, if you haven’t visited the grounds, you’ll want to take some time to see the rest of the village! Luckily, Santa brought Mrs. Claus with him, to the village. She is waiting in a festive room, ready to hand little boys and girl a candy cane, and talk to them about Christmas! Head over to the log cabin, next! For, inside, elves are hard at work! Open the doors to a crackling fire, and elves behind every table. They are quietly, and earnestly making toys for all of the girls and boys. If your lucky, an elf might bring a hand made Christmas ornament over to your children! As you watch the elves, look around. There is a working train, up above, and toys from floor to ceiling! When you are satisfied with your time at  the workshop, go back outside to visit a beautiful manger scene, and say hello to Rudolph himself! His nose is not shiny and red, yet! That is only when he needs it, on Christmas Eve, but he is just beautiful! Some of Rudolph’s friends are munching on their dinner inside their cozy homes, too!

If you planned ahead, and brought another adult to help with the kids, you can split off while one of you waits in line. There is a stand just behind the big tree. In the stand in free hot cocoa. Grab a cup of cocoa for everyone, take one to the lucky adult holding the place in line, and take the kids on the village tour. Take cell phones, just in case, the line advances quicker than you thought. This will help break up the wait!

All is free. Donations are welcomed!

***Note: Don’t leave Torrington without heading over to the Christmas House– over 80,000 lights!. It’s just a few blocks away, on Main Street. It just completes this experience. So fun!  See the link below, to check out The Christmas House Information page.***

Mom’s Review:
Wow! What a wonderful Christmas opportunity. This is something you will treasure. It’s a long wait, but everyone is so eager, they don’t seem to mind. Santa is so amazing with the kids. He is so kind, and of course wonderful with the kids. He took time to read my sons list out loud with him. He asked the others, but no takers! Then, he made sure he picked out a perfect gift for each boy and girl. What fun! The elves, Mrs. Claus, and reindeer are a great bonus. And, the manger scene is lovely!

Staff is absolutely so full of the Christmas spirit! You can tell they are feeding off of the excited energy from all of the children!
Hot Chocolate while you wait!
Great holiday experience!

Such a long wait! But, plan ahead, use the strategy above, bring hats, gloves and it goes by faster than you’d think!

Favorite Season To Visit:
Christmas Season!

Activities/Things To Do:
See Santa, Rudolph, Elves, Mrs. Claus and some other reindeer.
Tour the Christmas Village

What To Pack:
Diaper Bag!
Hats, gloves, scarves, warm coats!
$$$Cash donations are welcomed$$$
Camera/Video Camera

The officer letting groups in, told us that it’s a good idea to take the kids out of school early to beat the line! If you can get there at 12:30, before they open, you’ll go right in.
If you want to pair this with a visit to the Christmas house, you should go after 5:00. The Christmas house opens up to visitors after 6:00 & you’ll want to go in!

Kid’s Review: What Did The Kids Think Of The Place?:
Abi’s rating: #10 Awesome!
Michael’s favorite part – Reading his list to Santa!
Ella’s Favorite Part – The elves giving her and ornament & seeing the workshop!

Dad’s 2 cents $$. What’s All Of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?:
Everything is FREE. Cash donations are welcomed.

Every day 1-8:30
Christmas Eve 9-noon

150 Church Street
Torrington, CT

More Pictures, To Give You A Better Visual: These are grouped with The Christmas House Pictures, for now.
go to

The Christmas House Information Page:
go to


Our Experience:
With all of the to do lists around Christmas time, it was hard to find a night to check out The Christmas Village. I had heard about it from my pediatricians nurse – she’s great! – and I researched it enough, to know it was something I wanted to experience. But, when? So, one night, I was really diligent about having dinner done by 5, and the kids in the car by 5:30. As soon as my husband got home, we headed out to Torrington!

So, we get to Torrington, and can’t find it! I remembered that it was on Church St., but we drove down this little street, named Church Street, and there wasn’t any Christmas Village. Aaargh! I thought it would just be this easy to find spot! Apparently, Church Street jogs, a bit! Luckily, my husband spotted the lights of Santa and his sleigh on top of the Christmas Village! Yes! Phew! We had a blast. We will be back next year! Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

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