Easy Love Bug Candy Craft – A Valentine’s Day Homemade Craft | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Love Bug Valentine's Day Craft

Make these cute little Love Bugs for your Love Bugs this Valentine’s Day.


Making a Valentine's Day Love Bug Craft

1 smarties candy

1 (1 inch) wide pom-pom

1 (2 inches) long piece of pipe cleaner

2 small pom-poms

Small google eyes – self-adhesive are a good idea, but not necessary

3-4 inch wide  heart foam stickers 

low temp glue gun and glue sticks


Making a Valentine's Day Love Bug Craft

Bend the pipe cleaner and attach the 2 small pom-poms – 1 on each end. Secure with glue

Attach the antenna that you just made to the larger pom-pom

Love Bug Valentine's Day Craft

Add the googly eyes 

Use glue to attach the love bug’s head to the twisted tip of the Smartie’s Candy 

Peel back a corner of the adhesive from the bottom of the foam heart sticker, and stick the exposed adhesive to the back of the Smarties Candy

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