Elfing Someone At Christmas – A Kid Friendly Thing To Do

Is it really better to give than to receive?  If your Elfing someone it Is!

The anticipation of Christmas is the fun part!  All of the traditions shared with you and your family, preparing for the holidays are the moments that your children will hold dear to their hearts!  Here is a new tradition for you to try out. We are looking forward, for the first time this year, to Elfing our friends. The idea is to take Booing, a Halloween tradition, and modify it for Christmas. I doubt it’s original. But we haven’t heard of it!

Here’s What You’ll Need:

1. Goody Bags – or – Stockings. Fill them with Christmas fun! Examples for each bag, might include:

  • Coloring Sheets
  • Crayons
  • Candy
  • Card Game
  • Elf Hat
  • Ornament

**Tip: The Dollar Tree is a big money saver for small trinkets, and fun children toys.

2. A picture of an elf.

3. A You’ve Been Elfed Poem! See the link below for a copy of the poem and a picture of an elf
go to Elf Poem and Picture

1. Wait until dark sets in

2. Load up the kids & Goody bags

3. Visit your friends house. Run up to their door with your goody bag. Ring the bell, and Run, Run Run!

4. Listen for the giggles, and yell Ho! Ho! Ho! You’ve Been Elfed!

5. Get in the car, and laugh all the way home! 🙂

****Tip – I always inform a parent before I send my family to their doorstep in the dark. It’s a good idea. I once had a friend, open the door, and refuse to let his kids open the bag. He was afraid of something dangerous inside. I can see his point!

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