Enter To Win A 3 Month Subscription To Raw Spice Bar’s Spice of the Month Club!

Enter To Win A 3 Month Subscription To Raw Spice Bar’s Spice of the Month Club!

Enter To Win A 3 Month Subscription To Raw Spice Bar’s Spice of the Month Club! Once a month, for 3 months, you’ll receive a blend of fresh spices delivered right to your door! The chefs at Raw Spice Bar, are mixing only the best spices from around the world! They are making the perfect blends to enhance your dinner! Raw Spice Bar’s 3 month subscription also includes an introduction to the chef who prepared the spices for you, plus recipes and ideas for using your new spices! 

Here’s a link to the Raw Spice Bar Spice Shop . Here’s a link to their amazing Quarterly Subscription. ENTER TO WIN BELOW!!!! Good luck!:

Raw Spice Bar 3 month Subscription Giveaway - Get free Spice Blends Delivered right to your door!


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Complete List of Rules are found here

Thank you for entering! 

~Melissa – KidFriendlyThingsToDo.com


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  1. Rebecca B.

    Well it’s pretty silly but I really enjoy the mass amount of different spices. 😀

  2. Carol

    I like the boxes contain spices for 3 dishes that will serve 8-12 people.

  3. Sharon Kaminski

    I like the idea that these spices are all so fresh. I would order my cinnamon from there and a few other spices.

  4. jberry

    I like the small batch concept. That way you’re not overwhelmed by excess, or by spices you may not end up being fond of.

  5. Nancy Marcho

    I like the idea that the spices are fresh and blended and that recipes are included in the subscription.

  6. Robin M

    I like how they tell you how to use the spices.

  7. Chrystal D

    I like that it’s only $6 a month. This is a great way to try out new spices!

  8. Melissa Cunningham

    There’s a wide variety of spice that are inexpensive

  9. katie smith

    my hubby would love this, he like that you can try out different types of spices and they tell you how to use them.

  10. Jill Daniel

    I like the layout of their site. I also really like that they give suggestions and recipes on how to use the spices they send.

  11. Lacey

    Love the pricing on the spices!


    I like how you receive kitchen-tested, detailed recipes and ideas for each spice blend as well as background on our monthly chef and spice blends every month.

  13. wen budro

    I love the variety of spices available and that they’re fresh. I love using fresh cinnamon when I bake.

  14. Bev Henry

    I love the fact that they are small quanities so that they won’t go stale before you use them

  15. Angela

    I like that you get a small, fresh batch

  16. Rita A

    I like that each month it is a different spice Theme!

  17. tanyab79

    Love the fact that they are freshly done at their location before shipping out and they also provide recipes to go with the spice blend sent to you.

  18. sandra

    I like that the spice blends are created either by spice experts, top chefs or tried and trusted family recipes

  19. Alina

    I love the variety of spices they send and including recipes is brilliant! I’d love to try their chili powder and the SPICY GOMASIO.

  20. charityk

    i like that they have themes for the boxes

  21. bn100

    like that their recipes are kitchen-tested

  22. Cynthia C

    I like that they give kitchen-tested, detailed recipes and ideas to use the spices.

  23. Taylor Hawkins

    I love that they come with recipe cards so you can try out the spices you are unfamiliar with or haven’t used before 🙂

  24. robyn paris

    i like that they come with recipe cards. This is a great way to get introduced to spices I haven’t used before.

  25. Kristina L

    I love how they have spices that are hard to get at the regular grocery store.

  26. Sean

    Love that it’s all fresh!

  27. Denise S

    I like the small batch concept, because I have tons of nearly full bottles that are years old.

  28. Ken

    the small batch approach

  29. Brenda Penton

    I love that they have Small Batch Delivery. I like trying new spices and I don’t want to have a container full if I don’t enjoy it. This way I can try it out and purchase a full one if i want.

  30. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    I love how they explain about all the different spices

  31. Kim Keithline

    I like the fresh spices the stuff you buy in the grocery store isn’t fresh this is great


    I like the variety and how rich they look.

  33. Ingrid Jackson

    I liked that their spices are all fresh and you can learn about different spices, especially if you haven’t used them before.

  34. Robyn Bellefleur

    I like that there’s a wide variety of spice that are pretty inexpensive

  35. Lisa L

    I love the idea of exploring new spices each month. That gives you a reason to explore new recipes and flavors all the time.

  36. Tracy Davis

    I love the variety of spices available.

  37. Bridget Merker

    I like the variety and the freshness of everything.

  38. Bridget Merker

    I like that everything is fresh

  39. Zenetta

    I really love that they offer free shipping and I love that the spices are freshly grounded in small batches.

  40. Nora T

    I like the notes and recipes that come with each of the shipments

  41. carol Ann

    Love to change and add spice to recipe.

  42. David Fultner

    I liked it is priced so well.

  43. David Fultner

    I love that come with recipe card. This will give me inspiration.

  44. Abigail

    I like that each spice blend come with 4-5 recipe ideas!

  45. Bailey Dexter

    What ai really like is ” Each month, you’ll receive fresh spice samples along with locally inspired recipes for your next globally inspired meal.” What a great way to explore!

  46. Julie

    The ZA’ATAR blend is really cool looking!

  47. Trinh L.

    I like how there variety of fresh spices.

  48. Angela Ash

    Right off the bat I love the $6 price per month with free shipping. You could practically cater a party with the amount of dishes you could make with that one packet. Mostly I would love being able to try something new from different parts of the world on a regular basis. I love to cook and this would definitely make it more interesting.

  49. Angela A Simmons

    Oh wow i would be in heaven if I won this. I go through spices like crazy especially turmeric, coriander, curry & red chili pepper. It gets pretty pricey but its forth it…I been a vegan now for over a year and now Im working on being a raw vegan i still use Indian spices when I make my raw organic salad dressings. Thanks for the opportunity I have my fingers crossed!

  50. Jennifer W

    I love that they give you recipes with the spices! I tend to stick with a few solid flavorings and would love to explore and learn how to use some new ones “properly” 🙂

  51. Dorothy Boucher

    I love that there spices come from around the world, I know for my self there are so many spices I would love to try, just don’t know there names lol

  52. sarah issac

    I like that they freshly grind their spices so that you get the best flavor.

  53. Monique Rizzo

    I love the Small batch way. Perfect for me.

  54. Nancy

    I like that you get one month free when you subscribe for a year.

  55. brandy c

    I like that the spices are fresh!

  56. Danielle Marie

    i love how small the batches get and how fresh they are.

  57. Lauren E.

    I like that they offer up spices that would be hard (or impossible) to find locally.

  58. Alex Gilbert

    I love that they have fresh spices!

  59. Erica B.

    I like that the recipes are tested.

  60. Claudia Davis

    I love that you make them in small batches, that it is so inexpensive, and that you send recipes with each package. Great gift idea also.

  61. joe gersch

    i like that I do not have to buy spice, then have too much and cant use it

  62. Lisa V.

    I like that you can get a new spice every month for $6 a month.

  63. Susan Smith

    I like the idea that the spices are fresh and blended and that recipes are included in the subscription.

  64. Lisa Davis

    I like the recipes

  65. Christine Holliday

    I love that they have such a large variety of spices. Coming from a person who lives in a town where there isn’t even a Walmar tgetting a decent range of spices can be very difficult. I can’t even find any saffron within a 100 miles!!!

  66. Angela Cash

    I like that the blends contain only the spices listed on each blend with no added fillers such as MSG, salt, rice, sugar or flour. I am also impressed that they purchase organic and fair trade whole spices whenever possible.

  67. Stephanie Galbraith

    I love all the fresh spices.

  68. Elizabeth Ray

    I like small fresh batches, so you don’t have infrequently used spices turning old in your cabinet.

  69. Candie L

    I love that it comes with the recipes. thank you

  70. ger

    I like that it is $6 a month, that sounds like a great deal!

  71. Samantha

    I love that they provide recipes online with each of the spices!

  72. corinne watson

    I like how they kitchen test all spices!

  73. Melinda Stephens

    I love that they give you multiple recipe ideas for each blend.

  74. Sand

    I like that they are fresh spices, that way you get the best flavor.

  75. Trisha McKee

    I love that there are recipes included to help me use the spices!!

  76. amy deeter

    i love that they have a Spice of the Month Club for only $6.00 a month and free shipping

  77. Bryan E.

    Thank You for the giveaway… We like that each spice blend includes tasting notes, origin & history of the spices.

  78. Racquelle

    I liked the variety of spices offered.

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