Fall Hot Chocolate Spoons | Kid Friendly Things To Do

hot chocolate spoons for fall

fun hot chocolate spoons add even more chocolate to your delicious drinks.


  • plastic spoons
  • 12 oz. of chocolate melts or chocolate bark (2 squares)
  • wax paper

Topping suggestions:

  • leave sprinkles
  • toffee sprinkles
  • dehydrated mini marshmallows
  • fall jimmies



  • place wax paper on your work surface
  • melt chocolate in a small glass microwavable proof bowl
  • *typically, I melt chocolate for 1 minute, stir with a silicone spoon and if it’s not smooth – microwave for 30 more seconds
  • dip spoons, one at a time, into the bowl filling the spoon with chocolate
  • tap the spoons on the edge of the bowl, allowing excess chocolate to drip off of the bottom
  • slide the spoon across the edge to get even more excess chocolate off of the spoon

For leaves:

  • sprinkle leaves onto the melted chocolate

Toffee Spoons:

  • sprinkle toffee sprinkles onto the melted chocolate
  • add some dehydrated marshmallows too


  • sprinkle jimmies and add some mini dehydrated marshmallows


  • place fall colored M&Ms onto the melted chocolate


  • place hardened chocolate spoons into zip-tight bags and store at room temperature for up to 3 weeks