Fun Pumpkin Fruit Cups

pumpkin fruit cup

Pumpkin fruit or vegetable cups – Perfect for fall, Halloween or Thanksgiving parties.


  • Clear cups – Try to find the squatty cups – 9 oz.
  • Green straws – of course, because the fruit will get the straw wet…plastic would be the best choice, but I found these adorable polka dot paper straws which trumped all logic
  • Green pipe cleaner
  • Pencil or pen
  • Cubed cantaloupe, orange slices, mango, and/or any other orange fruit
  • optional – for Jack-O-Lantern Cups: black Sharpie


  • Fill the cups with orange fruits or vegetables
  • Insert the straw into the middle – trim the top to wherever you think looks good
  • Wrap the pipe cleaner around a pencil, slide it off – instant curly cuteness!
  • Wrap that around the straw

Jack-O-Lantern Cup:

  • Draw Jack-O-Lantern faces on the cups
  • Fill with orange fruit


Make in advance:

*If you want to fill cups in advance then stop after filling the cups with cantaloupe, and place plastic wrap over them to store in the refrigerator. You could also prep the straws by placing the curly pipe cleaner on them in advance. Assemble before the party.

*keep in mind that cut fruit is very perishable, so only make these up to 1 day in advance for fresh fruit