Holiday Light Fantasia in Goodwin Park Review

Ho!Ho!Ho! Want to give the kids a little excitement this holiday season? How about going to see ONE MILLION twinkle lights?!  Channel 3 is spreading the holiday spirit through their Holiday light Fantasia showcase at Goodwin Park. You are not only adding to your enjoyment as you enter the light display, you are also giving joy to a little boy or girl in need. With your admission, all proceeds go to help provide a child with a camp experience, at Channel 3 Kids Camp. You can contribute to charity, enjoy a light show with your family, and never get out of your car!

As you enter Goodwin Park, a very bundled up channel 3 volunteer will hand you a booklet, inform you of a radio station to add the sounds of Christmas to your enjoyment, and send you on your way. As you take your place in line, and IF you’ve been good all year, Santa himself, might peek his head into your vehicle, and say hello to the kids. Now, that’s Good Stuff!

Once you are through greeting everyone, head off in your heated vehicle to enjoy at total of 27 fantastic, glowing light displays. You’ll start your journey by going through the festive, Grand Entrance Archway. The kids will giggle with anticipation as they see Harry Potter, Elmo, Pokemon, Lightning McQueen, snowmen, Noah’s ark, and even Dora in the distance! Everyone will shout out the arrival of the upcoming light. Go slow, because they are on both sides, and all are too magical and exciting to miss. You’ll travel under candy canes-tossed by Elmo, and snowballs in the midst of an energetic snowball fight! With one million lights, all showcased in larger than life displays, your family is sure to leave with huge smiles, and memories that will last a lifetime. After you have visited all 27 displays, wave goodbye to the 15 foot high Santa, and yell out that you’ll see him next year!

Mom’s Review:
My review is…Yippee! After three years, Channel 3 has opened the light display in Goodwin Park. Our family had a great time. I would definitely recommend this experience. Holiday Lights Fantasia is a absolutely a fun thing to do with kids in CT.


  • You can dress the family in cozy p.j.s before you head out, enjoy the lights, and head home for some hot cocoa by the fire-never leaving your car!
  • The line was nothing compared to Bright Nights is MA
  • Santa is a great bonus!
  • Price is so reasonable.
  • Proceeds go to charity

I can’t think of any, right now.

Favorite Season To Visit:
The Holidays

Activities/Things To Do:
Enjoy light displays in a magical setting

What To Pack:
Video Camera/Camera

The GPS took us a little further than the entrance to the lights. We of course, turned the wrong way, and went even further than the entrance! We circled the block of lights, and got a preview though. (FYI we turned right-wrong!)

Kid’s Review:What did the KIDS think about the place?:
Ella’s Favorite Part:Seeing Dora  and Spongebob!
Michael’s Favorite Part:The fire breathing dragon! Cool!

Dad’s 2 cents$$$. What’s All Of This Quality Time Going To Cost Me?:
$10 per car/van-up to 10 passengers
Print out a $2 coupon at the Link Below.

Our Experience:
Well, my husband walked in the door with a coupon for the Holiday Lights Fantasia. He thought I would love to visit it for the web site, & it was a good way to support a local event and charity. He was right. We had a great time & the kids were so excited to see there favorite characters. My 2 year old was shouting” ho,ho,ho” the whole time! Now, that’s good stuff.

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