How to Decorate Cookies with Christmas Lights

Christmas lights cookies

Christmas Light cookies that are perfect for the holiday


  • round sugar cookies completely cooled
  • frosting or icing
  • M&Ms – I used regular-sized, but you can use mini M&Ms
  • black decorating icing
  • writing tips for decorating
  • *optional – a piping bag. I did not use a piping bag for the black decorating icing, because I bought a ready-made tube of black icing in the baking aisle of my local store


  • frost round or tree-shaped cookies
  • use a writing tip with black cookie icing to make squiggly lines around the top of the cookie
  • turn M&Ms on their sides and place them under some of the black squiggly lines – spacing them apart much like you would see Christmas lights on a tree


  • I have a great recipe for sugar cookies and powdered sugar icing – that would be perfect for this decorating idea

Can I Make Christmas Lights Cookies Ahead of Time?

Yes! Frosted Sugar or Cut Out Cookies can be made several days in advance

Storage: Store frosted sugar cookies at room temperature in an air-tight container

Do I Use Mini M&Ms or Regular M&Ms to decorate Christmas Light Cookies?

You can use either one. I made large round cookies, so regular-sized M&Ms worked well. If you are making smaller-sized cookies, then you can certainly use mini M&Ms to decorate with

Tips and Tricks:

  • let the cookies cool completely before decorating them with frosting or icing
  • use a writing tip to make the electric cord
  • you can use regular or mini-sized M&Ms

Making the black lines:

  • I experimented with the way I drew the lines. I made zig-zag lines, squiggly lines with tight loops, and then wider squiggly lines with large loops –
  • My favorite was the wide squiggly lines and large loops thrown in here and there