Lighting Up The New Year’s Party With Sparkling Jars Craft

Lighting Up The New Year’s Party With Sparkling Jars Craft

Making sparkling jars for a New Year’s Eve celebration to light up the walkway is a fun way to celebrate the New Year with the kids.

This craft requires glass jars. So, if you are comfortable with your “older kids” handling your glass jars (with supervision of course), this might be a fun craft for the New Year’s Eve celebration Younger kids can still have fun participating, too. After dark sets in, kids will enjoy seeing their handy-work lighting up your front path.

Here’s What You Will Need:

  • Extra Fine Glitter (Various fun colors) – You can purchase these in the scrapbooking sections of craft stores.
  • Mop & Glo – You can purchase this in the mop section of most grocery stores or Walmart (That is where I found mine).
  • Glass Jars – Any will do! Pickle Jars are nice to use – Just run them through your dishwasher to get the sticker off. The steam helps loosen the sticker. You can also find various jars with lids, in the kitchen aisle of stores, like Walmart & Target.
  • Battery operated candles

Instructions (for each jar):

  • Parents might want to do this part: Spray Mop & Glo directly into the jar. Spray enough into the jar, so you can roll it around and coat the whole inside.
  • Shake out any excess Mop & Glo, into your sink
  • Now, let the kids shake a good amount of glitter into the jar, and Parents can roll the jar around, distributing the glitter around the whole inside
  • Wait a few hours – up to a day, if you want to draw designs into your glitter jars – The longer you let the Mop & Glo dry, the easier it is to make designs
  • **Optional: Use the sharp end of a pencil to etch designs inside your jar.
  • You can use a paintbrush to paint a little bit of Mop & Glo, onto the design, and shake a different shade of glitter onto your design to get more color from your jar!
  • Now, place a battery-operated candle inside your jar, and watch it light up the night!  It’s Good Stuff!

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