Halloween Hot Chocolate

Halloween marshmallow shapes

Make hot chocolate fun with Halloween marshmallows


  • Square S’more Marshmallows
  • Mini Halloween cookie cutters
  • wax paper
  • hot chocolate


  • set out wax paper
  • place a flat, square marshmallow onto the wax paper and press a cookie cutter into the marshmallow making a Halloween shape
  • push the marshmallow out of the cookie cutter and set aside
  • continue to make more shapes in the same way
  • store marshmallows over wax paper in and air tight container with wax paper in-between layers of marshmallows / or set marshmallows out to air dry and store them in a container next to your hot chocolate mix


  • If the marshmallow is too thick for your cookie cutter, you can use a rolling pin to flatten it more
  • If the marshmallow is not coming out of the cookie cutter, it might help to rinse the cookie cutters of the previous mallow before you make new shapes