An Easy Butterfly Cupcake With Step-By-Step Instructions

butterfly cupackes

Easy to make butterfly cupcakes


  • 12 baked and frosted cupcakes – I used pre-made pink vanilla frosting
  • White Fudge covered pretzels – I bought these pre-made, as well
  • Colorful candies – I used pastel Sixlets. Round chocolate candies for the body
  • 24 Coconut flakes for the antenna – 2 for each cupcake



  • Bake cupcakes according to your cupcake recipe in the oven
  • Once cooled completely frost cupcakes – you do not need to do anything fancy. Simply spread the frosting onto the cupcakes
  • Right down the middle of the cupcake – Add sixlets for the butterfly body – I added 4 0r 5
  • Place the fudge pretzels for wings at an angle on either side of the body
  • Place sweetened coconut flakes for the antenna – just under the first Sixlet (I experimented with placement and this was the best look)


*You can probably get 24 cupcakes out of one cake box. Adjust the number of decorations you’ll need for that amount

*Store cupcakes on the counter uncovered for up to one day or covered for up to 3