Marshmallow Hot Chocolate Mug Cookies | Kid Friendly Things To Do

hot chocolate marshmallow mug cookies

Cute little hot chocolate marshmallow mug cookies for your holiday fun!


  • marshmallows – regular-sized – not giant
  • cookies – I used Keebler striped fudge cookies, but you could use Gingersnaps, sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, or any other cookie that sounds good to you for this treat
  • chocolate melts – light brown
  • mini candy canes
  • mini dehydrated marshmallows – Kraft calls them Mallow Bits
  • Optional – Christmas sprinkles


  • making hot chocolate marshmallows
  • use the directions on the chocolate melts the bag to melt the candy melts until smooth in a shallow bowl
  • *I typically use a glass microwave-proof bowl and microwave my melts for 1 minute and stir. If needed, I pop them back in for an additional 30 seconds and stir until smooth
  • set out a cookie for your treat to sit on top of – I flipped my striped cookie around so the fudge bottom was now the top
  • cut a mini candy cane at the base of the crook (the curved section) leaving 2 parts, the curved part, and a straight candy stick
  • making hot chocolate marshmallows
  • push the curved part of the candy cane into the side of the marshmallow as a mug handle
  • making hot chocolate marshmallows
  • use that handle to hold the marshmallow while you dip it into the chocolate – only covering the bottom and top of the marshmallow
  • place one end of your chocolate topped marshmallow onto the cookie so the chocolate can act as  glue
  • next, push the other half of the candy can at a slight angle into the chocolate top – representing a candy stick coming out of your mug
  • add some dehydrated marshmallow bits to the melted chocolate
  • optional – use a toothpick to grab some melted chocolate and glue the candy sprinkle decorations onto the front of your mug
  • *hold the sprinkles in place until the chocolate has dried enough to set


Storing – store at room temperature in an air-tight container for up to 3 days

1 bag of chocolate melts will easily make an entire package of cookies – so, with the right amount of candy canes and marshmallows, you can probably yield around 3 dozen or more with this recipe