Olaf Floating in a Pool of Jello {A Frozen Themed Food Idea} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

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  • Regular sized marshmallows
  • Mini marshmallows
  • For Jello: Blue Jello (3 oz. package)
  • Summer themed straws, or party drink umbrellas
  • I used individual glass bowls for individual pools, they are 4 inches across the top and they hold 4 oz. of liquid – you could use small plastic clear bowls or small clear cups – keep in mind that Olaf is about 3 inches from top to bottom, so your jello surface needs to be at least that
  • How to make Olaf Jello Treat for Frozen Themed Parties
  • Brown, black, and orange icing (It was near Halloween time when I was lucky enough to find black and orange icing tubes in the baking aisle of Walmart – and I used chocolate frosting for the brown – placed in a piping bag with a writing tip)
  • *Most department stores have a cake/cookie decorating aisle, as well – see what you can find there for icing

If you can’t find the icing in writing tubes…

  • For anything you can’t find already in a tube – You’ll need to buy frosting and color it
  • Piping bags with a round writing tip



  • I just followed the directions on the back of the Gelatin box which was to (in a small bowl) add 1 cup of hot water to the jello powder and let it dissolve, then add 1 cup of cold water 
  • Pour the warm jello – evenly, into 4 separate serving bowls 
  • Place those in the refrigerator to let the jello solidify

Making Olaf: 

  • Once the jello had set up, and I was ready to tackle Olaf
  • I grabbed a regular sized marshmallow
  • How to make Olaf Jello Treat for Frozen Themed Parties
  • I used scissors to cut it into 3 pieces
  • How to make Olaf Jello Treat for Frozen Themed Parties
  • I used one piece for the head, and one for his bum – that one was turned sideways
  • I then used mini marshmallows for the middle portion of Olaf, and feet

Olaf food idea

  • Then I decorated him with frosting –  black (buttons, eyes, and mouth), some orange frosting (carrot nose), and brown (hair, eyebrows, and arms)
  • I used a small round writing tip for everything, or if I was lucky – I found the frosting already made in writing tubes 
  • To add a special touch, I decorated each Jello treat with fun summer umbrellas 


  • Making this Ahead of Time: 
  • As I stated in the post… you can make this ahead, but I would hold off on the frosting arms that sit right on top of the Jello until right before your party.  Because you’ll need to cover Olaf to store him in the refrigerator, hold off on any decoration that might smudge from the clear wrap (like his hair pieces). The water from the jello will eventually water the frosting down to a puddle. If left overnight, the marshmallows will take on some water too, but not too much. 

Storing Olaf – This dessert is best served right away, but if you need to store him – cover the individual cups or bowls with clear wrap and store them in the refrigerator for up to one day. 

*Olaf is about 3 inches from the top to the bottom