Patriotic Pretzel Bites

patriotic pretzel bites

Patriotic pretzel bites for fun and easy-to-make summer treats


  • 24 mini pretzel twists – you can use pretzel squares or round pretzels instead
  • 2 dozen Rolos – other alternative chocolate ideas are listed above in the FAQ section
  • 24 M&Ms – patriotic for this treat
  • parchment paper


  • preheat the oven to 200 degrees
  • place parchment paper on baking sheets
  • place pretzels down onto a paper-lined baking sheet
  • put Rolo candy in the middle of each pretzel
  • bake for about 5 minutes
  • take out of the oven
  • press M&M’s onto the center of each Rolo candy
  • Let cool completely


Make-Ahead and Storage:

Can I make these pretzel bites ahead of time?

Yes. These pretzel bites can be made several days in advance. As long as you keep them in a cool, dry, area of the house, they can last for days

Storing: Store pretzel bites, covered with wax paper between layers at room temperature.

Do I have to use Rolos Candy?

No, any chocolate candy that you think would go well with M&Ms and pretzels can be substituted for Rolos

What kind of chocolate candy pairs well with pretzels?

  • sea salt caramels
  • Hershey’s Kiss – any variation
  • Reese’s – although I don’t think I’d push the center of these down
  • miniature Hershey bars
  • mini snickers
  • candy melts