Remembering This Year With Hallmark Ornaments

Each handmade ornament, carefully crafted by your child adds uniqueness to your Christmas tree.  Each ornament is labeled with its’ name, and date. Each year, as you unpack, and pack them, you’ll take a moment to reflect upon how sweet that age was or is.

As this year’s Christmas festivities come to a close, and New Year’s Eve is approaching, start a New Year’s Tradition with your family. Go to the Hallmark store with your kids, and pick out an ornament that symbolizes their personality, to add to next year’s tree.

Hallmark ornaments for Christmas

Now, is your chance to contribute an ornament that adds it’s own unique quality to your tree. Your kids will love unpacking their Hallmark ornament and reflecting on their personality from years past. As they unwrap the Mickey Mouse ornament, from three years ago, they’ll recall the trip to Disney World, all of the Disney shows watched, or the special Mickey Mouse birthday cake you made on their fifth birthday! If it’s a nutcracker ornament, they’ll remember the special ballet you took them to, or the countless times you watched the Nutcracker Ballet on television. It might even be a Barbie ornament, a Batman ornament, a Winnie the Pooh ornament, or Frosty the Snowman. Whatever defines your child’s personality from the previous year, will probably be at the Hallmark store.

And, if you wait until the week after Christmas, as a New Year’s thing to do, the ornaments are heavily discounted! Take your kids with you, and let them pick out what made this year special to them. It’s a fun thing to do with your kids and family! Don’t forget to label them with names, and dates. Next year, as you unpack their handmade ornaments, and Hallmark ornaments, you’ll have so much fun recalling all of the fun times.

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