Turkey Shaped Breakfast {Toast & Bacon} | Kid Friendly Things To Do

Thanksgiving Breakfast Idea for kids

A fun Thanksgiving Breakfast idea for kids.


  • toasted bread
  • cooked bacon strips – 4-5 per turkey
  • cooked sausage link – 1 per turkey
  • scrambled egg – small amount
  • sweet pepper – red would be perfect


  • optional – butter the toast
  • turn toast upside down on the plate
  • place bacon strips behind the top of the toast resembling turkey feathers
  • cut two thin circle-shaped pieces off of the sausage link for the eyes
  • place the eyes on the toast
  • then, use the rest to cut strips out to assemble the legs and place them at the bottom of the toast like the image shows
  • spoon some scrambled eggs into an upside-down triangle for the beak
  • cut a strip of red pepper and place it as a gobble


Refer to topping alternatives for more fun ideas and play around with different combinations.