Chocolate Marshmallow Snowman Hat Treats

These Chocolate Marshmallow Snowman Hat Treats are easy to make in only 20 minutes. A perfect treat for your hot cocoa bar, Christmas party, or just a fun winter snack for the kids.

– marshmallows – brown chocolate melts  –Oreo Cookies with Chocolate Filling  – Holly Sprinkles


– Pour the chocolate into your glass bowl and microwave  – Stir  – Set your cookies out  – Plop a marshmallow down into the melted chocolate, spooning chocolate onto it or rolling it with the fork to completely cover it

Slide the fork under the marshmallow, bring it to the edge of the bowl and gently tap off excess chocolate

Transfer the marshmallow over to the center of a cookie and use a toothpick to help slide it onto the cookie

– Quickly decorate it with the holly sprinkles – Let the chocolate dry

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