Christmas Cherry Mint Milkshake Recipe

Make a Minty Refreshing Milkshake for Christmas time in only 5 minutes. Surprise your family or guests with a homemade Cherry & Mint Milkshake this holiday season.

– maraschino cherries – mint chocolate chip ice cream – ice – fluff – milk


– Blend the jar of maraschino cherries without the stems, until it puree’s – Dividing the cherry puree’ evenly among the serving glasses, pour into the bottom of glasses

– Pour the rest of the ingredients into the blender and blend until smooth – Aiming for a side of the glass, away from the cherry puree, tilt the glass at a slight angle. Pour the mint ice cream onto the clean glass surface and let it fill in the empty space.

– Garnish with whipped cream, a cherry with stem and a candy cane

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