Copy-Cat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza

This easy-to-make Copycat Taco Bell Mexican Pizza is a family favorite. It has all of the delicious flavors: taco meat, refried beans, delicious enchilada sauce, and melted cheese with toppings.


– ground beef – taco seasoning – water – canola oil – refried beans – red enchilada sauce – chunky tomato salsa – flour tortilla shells


– preheat the oven to for brown ground beef  – chop the cooked beef – place the beef back into the skillet and add taco seasoning with water – cook  – in a skillet, heat some oil and heat fry the tortilla shells  –drain grease


– mix the enchilada sauce and tomato salsa – warm refried beans – spread some refried beans onto a fried tortilla shell – add some taco meat and spread out – place a tortilla shell on the beef and bean mixture


– spread enchilada sauce over the taco shell – sprinkle shredded cheese on top – repeat with remaining tortillas – bake  – top with chopped chives, cubed tomatoes, and sliced olives

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