Crescent Roll Cornucopia

Crescent Roll Cornucopias are the perfect Thanksgiving healthy snack to make for the kids. They are so cute and easy to make, you might even want to make them as an appetizer.

– Crescent Roll Sheet – Foil – Vegetables – Cheese bricks  – Sour Cream – Ranch


– Unroll the dough, and along the long side of the rectangle, slice it into strips – Shape foil into a cone shape cornucopia – start wrapping a strip of crescent dough around the foil  – Pull the tip up a little for a curved shape – Bake

– Prep cheese by cutting it into thin strips – when you are ready, you can use miniature cookie cutters to cut into fun shapes

– Dry any vegetables that are a little moist on a paper towel so they don't make your bread cornucopia soggy – Fill your cornucopia with prepared vegetables – Mix the sour cream and ranch packet in a small bowl – Serve

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