DIY Black Cat Pumpkin

Set this kitty cat pumpkin on your porch for an adorable Halloween display. An easy to make and simple Halloween decoration.

– pumpkins  – black spray paint  – glitter blast spray paint – ribbon for the bow – fabric paint – pink pom-pom – witch hat  – black felt or foam  – chenille bendy  – glue


– Remove stems from the bottom pumpkin – Spray paint both pumpkins black – Stack the short pumpkin onto the bottom tall pumpkin

– Paint cat eyes onto the top pumpkin – Attach pink pom-pom for the nose – Peel the adhesive backing off of whiskers and apply 3 on either side of the nose

– If you’re using a witch hat, apply the felt ears to either side of the hat,  and set the witch hat on the cat head – If you’re not using a hat, apply the felt ears to the top of the pumpkin – Attach chenille strip for the tail to the backside of the bottom pumpkin

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