DIY Dollar Tree Patriotic Pool Noodle Wreath

This pool noodle rag wreath is easy to make and inexpensive. Show your patriotic side by displaying this fun and colorful DIY pool noodle wreath all summer.

– pool noodle  – duct tape  – fabric cloth – burlap ribbon  – waterproof fabric glue


– Form a circle with the pool noodle and use the tape to secure it – Cover the noodle completely with fabric  – Cut the ribbon into strips

– Cut those strips into one-inch wide strips and through the loop. – Make sure the middle part of the tied rags are all on the front of your wreath. – Place the hanging rope over one of the ribbon ends and tie it back up so the decoration hangs from the center top of the wreath.

– Use a small scrap of ribbon to make a bracket to hang your wreath from on the back of your wreath. – Use safety pins to pin it down – Your wreath is now ready to hang

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