Dragon Sock Puppet

You and the kids can make an easy-to-make dragon sock puppet for some fun imaginary play or as a Chinese New Year Craft.

– Sock  – Googly Eyes  – Foam Paper   – Glue – Felt Sheets or Foam Sheets  – Large Pom-Poms – Small pom-poms


– Cut an oval for the mouth out of foam paper – Cut white teeth to go on the front and back of the mouth – Glue both on the underside of the sock so you have a mouth with teeth at the front and the back

– Cut stiff felt to make the spikes going down the dragons back and glue it to the top of the sock going down the middle – Glue the googly eyes to the front of the large pom-poms and glue those to the top of the sock where the toes would go – Add the two smaller pom-poms in front of the eyes as nostrils

– Glue the tear-drop pieces of felt to the back of the eyes  – Make fire for the mouth out of your felt and foam. Use red as the base and make a smaller yellow to layer on top

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