Easy Flip Flops Rice Krispies Treats

Welcome Summer with these fun Flip Flops Rice Krispies Treats. These fun summer snacks are perfect for your summer party, beach party, pool party or just for fun kid’s treat.

– rice cereal – 3unsalted butter – fresh mini marshmallows – M&Ms – fruit roll ups



– pour rice Krispies into a large bowl – melt butter in a saucepan – add mini marshmallows and stir  – remove from heat and pour into the rice cereal – stir

– place wax paper into the pan – pour the rice cereal and marshmallow mixture into the pan and spread out – Flatten  – Remove the rice Krispies from the pan – spray the cookie cutter with cooking oil – use the cookie cutter to make oval shapes out of the rice cereal mixture

– pinch the middle of the oval shape to make a foot shape – unroll the fruit roll up – cut strips out of the fruit roll ups – Pull the paper backing off and lay long/narrow strips into a V pattern at the wide end of the flip-flop shape – add an M&M by pressing it into the center of the V

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