Football Marshmallow Pops

Fun and Easy Football Marshmallow Pops that are the perfect treat for game day. A delicious football party dessert that is quick to make. Perfect for your Super Bowl party.

– Brown Chocolate Melts – White Chocolate Melts – Regular Sized Marshmallows – Shaved Coconut – Liquid Green Food Coloring – water


– Cut paper straws in half – Push the straws into marshmallows – Set out a large piece of wax paper for marshmallows to dry on – In a small bowl, mix a few drops of food coloring with water and add coconut shavings

– Stir to coat with green color  – In a small glass microwavable proof bowl, add the chocolate melting wafers – Use the bag’s instructions or, do what I do  – Dip and roll the marshmallows into the brown melted chocolate

– Push each marshmallow with melted chocolate into the coconut shavings  – Set on wax paper to dry – Once dry, melt the white chocolate melts – Use melted white chocolate and squeeze tube to draw laces on each football – Let dry

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