Graduation Hat Applesauce

These Graduation Hat Applesauce treats are perfect for a kindergarten or preschool graduation—an adorable and healthy snack for any graduation ceremony or party.

– Applesauce cups – Royal Blue Cardstock – Large googly eyes – Yarn, floss, or twine  – Glue


– Using a ruler, draw lines every three inches on the cardstock going vertically and horizontally, to form squares – Cut squares out of the blue cardstock. – Use a hole punch to punch a hole into the corners of the squares

– Write Congrats! Onto each piece of cardstock – Cut a few strips of yarn  – Fold the yarn strips in half and push the curved end through the cap hole – Pull the cut end through the loop and pull until tightened around the corner of the hat

– Turn the applesauce upside down – Glue googly eyes onto the applesauce – Glue the cap onto the applesauce bottom

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