Halloween Dirt Cups

A fun Halloween treat

These Halloween Dirt pudding cups are a fun and easy snack to make for the kids this Halloween season. A fun party treat for Halloween or an after-school snack for the kids.

– chocolate pudding mix – milk – Oreo Cookies – Milano Cookies – black icing gel – gummy worms – Peeps ghosts – bone sprinkles – pumpkin mellowcreme candy – candy eyes


– In a medium mixing bowl, pour in the pudding – Add milk – Whisk together – Let the pudding set up

– Place Oreo cookies into a blender and blend  – Spoon pudding into clear cups about halfway up – Pour in some cookie dirt on top of the pudding – Create tombstones with Milano Cookies written with RIP on the top of the cookie using edible writing gel, icing, or edible markers

– Insert gravestone cookies into pudding cups – Add fun edible Halloween decorations and Halloween sprinkles to the top of your pudding cups  – To make the Jack-O-Lantern candy, simply use writing gel or icing to make eyes and a mouth to the pumpkin candy

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