How to Tie Dye Beach Towels

Tie-dying beach towels is a great activity for kids and teens this summer. Make tie-dye beach towels early in the summer to use all year long. Easy and fun tie-dye project for the summer.

– White cotton towels – Tie-Dye Kit – Salt optional – Garbage Bags – Water


– For more vibrant colors…Soak the towels in ash water – In a large bucket or container, soak towels – Make sure you protect your table

– Mix the dye powders with warm water and place them in squeeze tubes – Put disposable gloves on – Remove towels from the water – Squeeze the excess water out of towels

– Use rubber bands to make the design you want. – Place in garbage bags to retain moisture for several hours or overnight – Rinse towels in cold water until water runs clean

Click Below for These Tie-Dye Methods:

-- Spiral Method -- Sunburst Tie-Dye Method -- Bullseye Method for Tie-Dye

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