Mayflower Pecan Pies

Mayflower Ship Pecan Pies, or Thanksgiving Mini Desserts, is the perfect addition to your holiday meal. Individual pies are a delicious and quick way to indulge in all Thanksgiving flavors.

– Cupcake Foil Pans – refrigerated pie crust  – melted unsalted butter – brown sugar – light corn syrup – vanilla extract – salt – eggs – pecans – milk chocolate chips – lollipop sticks – white card stock or construction paper  – hole punch


– Preheat the oven  – Cut the cupcake cups out of the 6 pack – Fold the edges down – Roll out your pie dough


– turn the round pie plates onto the crust and cut a circle of dough around them – Place the round crusts into each liner – then squish the pan so it resembles a boat – Mix your Pecan Pie Batter, and add the butter, sugar, syrup, vanilla, salt, eggs, pecans, and optional chocolate chips

– Fill each ship with batter  – Set the ships on a lined cookie sheet – Bake – Make sails punching holes into the top and bottom of the middle and by inserting your lollipop sticks through the holes – Insert those into your pies

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