Nut Rolls

The legitimate Old Fashioned Nut Roll Recipe that’s perfect for Christmas, holidays, events, and celebrations.

– dry yeast  – water – milk – sugar – flour  – salt – sour cream – Milnot – egg yolks  – 1 tsp. vanilla – butter – Crisco – walnuts – vanilla wafers


– Dissolve yeast in warm water – Mix sugar to and warm milk – and pour that into the yeast mixture – Mix in the flour, cover and let rise

– Add the flour, salt, sugar, sour cream, Milnot, egg yolks,  and vanilla – Melt the margarine and mix it with milk – – Knead well and add Crisco –Place in a greased bowl, cover well and let rise

– Punch the dough down – Divide into 6 sections – Knead each section into a smooth ball  – Roll out onto a floured surface – Spread the nut mixture evenly over the rolled out dough

– Begin rolling tightly from far end toward yourself – Place onto greased  cookie sheets  – Let rise

– Brush with beaten egg whites mixed with  water – Bake

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