Pecan and Apple Salad

This candied pecan salad is easy to make in 20 minutes. Perfect for a small group of people and refreshing on a summer day.

– Salad Greens – Crumbled Feta Cheese – Granny Smith Apple  – Candied pecans – Balsamic Dressing


– Lay the salad greens in the middle of the plate – Add Cheese and Pecans to the greens – Form a border of sliced Granny Smith Apples around the salad greens – Pour balsamic dressing over the greens

– Melt the butter  – Toss in brown sugar. – Add vanilla – Mix well

– Toss in the pecans and coat them. – Cook for another few minutes – Spread the pecans out on a parchment paper-lined sheet – Sprinkle granulated sugar on hot pecans. – Let cool

– Whisk the dressing ingredients

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