Scarecrow Cupcakes

These adorable Scarecrow Cupcakes are perfect for a fall party or a fun fall treat. Easy to make and so delicious, they will be the hit of the party.

– cupcakes – M&Ms  – Chow Mein Noodles – Hershey Bars  – Mini Stick Pretzels – Candy Corn  – icing in a squeeze tube


– Cool and frost cupcakes with white icing – At the top of the cupcake, insert part of a Hershey bar that has been broken into a 2 part section

– Set a mini pretzel down under the chocolate piece as the brim of the hat – Place M&Ms upside down for eyes – Add an ear of candy corn for the nose

– Squeeze out a smile with stitches from your icing tube – Slide broken bits of Chow Mein noodles under the pretzel for hair

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