Scarecrow Fruit Dip

An easy to make appetizer

This cute pumpkin spice Scarecrow Fruit Dip is a great way to celebrate fall. Use it as an autumn dessert, a Halloween treat, or a fun Thanksgiving appetizer. An easy to make fall fruit dip.

– cream cheese  – cream of coconut – powdered sugar – pumpkin pie spice – cool whip  – blueberries – candy corn – chocolate frosting


– In a large bowl, mix cream cheese, cream of coconut, sugar, and spice – Fold in the whipped cream – Pour into your serving bowl

– Cover and refrigerate – When you are almost ready to serve your dip, start adding the decorations – Place your bowl on top of a larger platter

– Stack graham crackers so they are level with the bowl – Slice a couple of graham crackers in half and place them across the bowl as the hat brim – Tuck some chow mein noodles under the hat brim

– Add blueberry eyes and candy corn nose – Use a piping bag and writing tip to draw a chocolate smile and stitches – Pile fruit and cookies up around the scarecrow dip

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