Shamrock Handprint Craft Idea

This Shamrock handprint idea is super cute for St. Patrick’s Day—a forever keepsake to remember the kid’s little hands on this four-leaf clover shamrock handprint craft.

– White cardstock – Light Green paper  – Green paper  – Glue stick – Green acrylic paint  – Rainbow striped ribbon


– Fold the green paper into four equal sections – Fold it once more – Cut a half-heart shape from the folded paper – This should give you four green hearts

– Glue those green hearts onto the white cardstock in the shape of a four-leaf clover – Cut a stem with the scraps of green paper and glue that to the shamrock. – Paint their palm liberally with green paint

– Guide their hand to the center of the shamrock, facing up, and gently but firmly press their hand onto the shamrock – Add a border with the rainbow ribbon glued to the four sides of the paper

Click Below For Full Instructions