Shark Attack Drink

This Shark Attack Drink is the perfect drink for Shark Week Drink or for parties. A fun, delicious, and simple drink that kids can pour red syrup into and create their own shark attack.

– rubber shark finger puppets – straws – clear cups – large pitcher – Hawaiian Punch Polar Blast Flavor – Lemonade – lemon-lime soda – ice – grenadine syrup


– In a large pitcher pour the Hawaiian Punch Polar Drink into your pitcher – Pour the lemonade into the punch – Finally, add the soda to the drink – Mix well


– Fill see-through plastic or glass cup with ice – Pour the blue drink into the cup going most of the way up – Fill the shark puppet with grenadine syrup and set it on the rim of the glass

– Pour the grenadine directly onto the ice – Eventually, the colors may blend together making the drink a dark red – Finally, if you want, add the shark to the drink

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