Snowman Caprese Salad

This Snowman Caprese salad is a festive cheese platter to serve over the holidays. An easy-to-make cheese platter in 20 minutes that is perfect for the winter season.

– cheese logs  – fresh basil leaves  – tomatoes – Salt and pepper – balsalmic glaze – olive oil


– Slice your mozzarella. – On the bottom half of your serving platter, arrange larger mozzarella slices into a layered circle – Then, arrange a smaller circle above for the face

– Using the basil make a scarf for the snowman. – Stack tomatoes up in a domed shape until they are level with the mozzarella. – Cut 3 tomatoes in half

– Use the half slices to layer the hat.  – Place two more halved directly about those – Add the last one centered over the top two tomato halves – Cut three rectangle pieces of mozzarella to lay across the bottom half-tomatoes as a hat decoration.

– Stack more tomatoes level with the others at the top center of the hat – Place an end piece of tomato with the skin facing up on top of that section – Add olive slices to the face for eyes and a smiling mouth – Add three more olive slices to the belly – Shape a carrot nose from the outside of the tomato

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