Soda Can Roll Challenge

This soda can roll game is easy to set up and so much fun to play. The perfect party game for parties and holidays and is great for all ages. A fun way to test your luck.

– Tape  – Prizes  – A Long Flat Surface for Rolling the Can – A Soda Can



– You'll want to place strips of tape about 4 inches apart from each other in rows at one end of the table – Place prizes inside the rows of tape

– Players should go to the opposite end of the table that prizes are on and place the soda can down on its' side – They can then roll the can down the table so that it hopefully lands on the row matching the prize they are aiming for

– Once they've had their turn or the number of turns you have allotted them, then it is time for someone else to have a turn at the prize – If the can rolls off of the table then their turn is over Swipe up for extended version

Roll off Version One – Players roll until one of them lands on the prize in question – Roll off Version Two – the player that has the longest roll without rolling off of the table wins the prize


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