Spider Web Taco Dip

This Taco Dip for Halloween is easy to make and delicious. A fun and festive spider web-shaped dip is perfect for your Halloween party, and it is sure to be a hit with everyone.

– cream cheese  – sour cream  – salsa – taco seasoning  – guacamole


– Mix sour cream, cream cheese, salsa, and taco seasoning – Spread into a round casserole dish

– Spread guacamole over the center taco dip  – Spoon the rest of the sour cream into a baggie and snip a corner for piping

– Pipe a dot of sour cream into the center of the guacamole, and make 3 rings around it going all the way to the edge of the guacamole – Use a knife to pull from the center dot of sour cream to the edges of the dip – in about 6 sections

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