Strawberry Snake Fruit Kabobs

Make these fun and simple Strawberry snake kabobs for the kids. Strawberry Snakes are a way to make eating fruit fun. Easy to make food craft in 5 minutes.

– skewer – pairing knife – strawberries  – mini marshmallow – blue cookie icing


– Slide a strawberry with narrow side first down the skewer – Butt another strawberry against that one – Do that one more time

– Cut a V in the end for the mouth. Keep the piece that you cut out for the tongue. – Slide that strawberry onto the skewer with the narrow end facing outward – Insert the piece you cut out of the strawberry as the forked tongue

– Cut the mini marshmallow in half – Place the two halves onto the snake head and add a dot of blue icing onto each one – If there is room, you can Insert more strawberries on the back side of the skewer

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