Water Balloon Volleyball

Water Balloon Volleyball is such a fun outdoor game to play. Easy to set up and tons of fun to play. It’s a great game for field day or backyard fun with friends and family. A great game for everyone.

– a volleyball or badminton net – towels  – water balloons  – A large bucket or container



– The pairs of players should be holding the corners of the towel  – To start the game, the serving team should place a balloon in the middle of a towel and use the towel to hoist the water balloon – The opposing team has to try to catch the balloon without popping it and propel it back up and over the net to the other team


– Only the team that serves can score – If the balloon pops on the other side, then it is a point for the serving team – The serving team gets one point for every balloon that does not get caught and/or pops on the other side  – If it goes out of bounds, serving changes sides

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