Watermelon Fruit Bowl

This Watermelon Fruit Bowl designed in the shape of a simple basket and decorated with a caterpillar and a ladybug is the perfect fruit bowl for summer. Easy to make and healthy.


– oblong seedless watermelon – fresh fruits  – whole cloves – toothpicks

– place the watermelon so it will be as it sits upright – carve out a large U shape on either side  – cut the flesh away from the rinds and place it into a large bowl – scoop out the rest of the watermelon flesh – cut up the rest of your fruit and toss it with the watermlon


– spoon the fruit salad into the watermelon bowl – cut toothpicks in half to attach a grape caterpillar to the handle – place grapes going in opposite directions  – add a strawberry and grape to the rind with a toothpick – insert cloves

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