Chocolate Covered Pretzel Flowers

An easy to make flower pretzel treat for spring or Mother's Day! This sweet and salty treat is perfect for the spring season.

– Chocolate Melts  – mini-twist pretzels – paper straws


– Melt the chocolate  – Now, Place a pretzel into the chocolate and push it down with your fork, turn it around to coat it – Then, Use the fork to lift the coated pretzel up to the edge of the bowl and tap it

– Repeat the process with three more pretzels, placing the pretzels down in a circle formation with the tops facing outward – Place the yellow chocolate melt in the center of the pretzel circle

– Let the chocolate harden  – Repeat making more flowers until most of the chocolate is gone out of the bowl – Do the same process with all of your chocolate colors

– Place a mound of melted chocolate on the top portion of the paper straw  – Carefully place the flower over the melted chocolate and let the chocolate completely harden. – Use a toothpick to clean off excess chocolate from the pretzel holes.

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