Crayon Truffula Tree Crafts

Make Lorax truffula tree-shaped crayons from recycled crayons as a Lorax craft or a fun Dr. Seuss party favor. It is a great Dr. Seuss craft and activity for the kids.

– Unwrapped crayons  – Minu muffin wrappers – Mini muffin tins  – Paper straws – Foam Half-Round shapes – Glue – Green Moss  – Toothpicks


– Heat your oven – Place cupcake wrappers inside the cupcake tin. – Double them up  – Put the crayons in the wrappers

– Place the cupcake tin into the oven  – Carefully pull the melted crayons out and set them somewhere to cool off. – Tear off and pull down a little piece of the cupcake wrapper to place the paper straw.

– Push the edge of the paper straw down into the melted crayon so it is formed around the straw. – Glue the moss around the hill – Place a toothpick into the center to slide the crayon over

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