DIY Easy to Make Easter Wreath

An easy-to-make Easter Wreath that is perfect for decorating your front door. Beautiful and simple for spring and Easter.

– Grapevine Wreath  – Artificial Lavender bunches – Wired Burlap Ribbon  – Moss Bunny Mine  – Twine


– Pick out about six bunches of lavender. – Divide the lavender in half and set them to overlap, with the lavender sticking out in opposite directions.

– Use your floral wire to wrap around the middle part and twist it to secure it in place – Cut more wire to attach the lavender to the bottom of the wreath – Cut about one foot off the burlap ribbon and tie it into a nice bow.

– Glue that to the front of the lavender – Glue the bunny to the center of the wreath over the lavender and grapevine – Add more ribbon or rope string to the top of the wreath to hang it with

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