DIY Snowman Hot Chocolate Kit in Jars

This DIY Snowman Hot Chocolate Kit in Jars would make the perfect Christmas or winter gift. They are also fun party gifts for kids or adults. Easy to make in only 10 minutes.

– Mason Jars  – Black felt  – Red felt sheet – Orange felt  – Black buttons – Black ribbon – Black pom-poms – Glue gun and glue sticks – Hot chocolate hot chocolate  – Mini marshmallows – Soft peppermint


– cut the black felt sheet into 4 even squares – go along the long side of the red felt sheet and cut a 2 inch wide strip for the scarf – cut a little triangle for the nose out of the orange felt – grab 2 of the larger buttons and glue eyes to one of your jars

– then make the smile with buttons – glue the orange nose in between the eyes and mouth – Fill that jar with marshmallows – Take one of the black felt squares and center it over the top of the jar

– Use chalk to trace a circle the same size as the lid – cut the circle out and slide the felt over the lid

– shape it into a circle with scissors  – slide it down to the bottom of the lid – cut a piece of black ribbon to fit the circumference of your lid and glue it above the black felt – fill the other 2 jars with – one with hot chocolate, and the other with peppermints – place lids on and screw them shut

– stack the hot chocolate jar onto the peppermint jar and glue to secure – add 2 black pom poms to the hot chocolate jar – glue the marshmallow head on top of the hot chocolate jar – wrap the red felt strip around the neck and glue to secure

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