DIY Sugar Ornaments

Make Sugar Ornaments With the Kids for a Fun Winter or Christmas Craft. They are easy to make and are adorable ornaments for your tree.

– granulated sugar – optional glitter – water – *Optional – Decorations like sprinkles and non perils – String or ribbon


– Pour the sugar and glitter in the bowl – mix – Add water and mix well – Grab your baking sheet or drying plate covered with wax paper

– Place your cookie cutter on the wax paper and start packing it with sugar – Pack it tight

– If you want to decorate…Now is the time to do it – while it is packed and still inside the cookie cutter – Gently Lift the cookie cutter away from your creation and don't touch yet

– Let the ornament dry for 24 hours in a dry place  – To hang the ornament, use a warm glue gun to glue a piece of ribbon or string to the back in a loop – Hang and enjoy!

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