End of the School Year Craft + Printable

This is a cute preschool or kindergarten graduation idea for kids to make—or an end-of-year craft for any age.

– Printable  – Blue construction paper  – Skin-colored paper  – Hair-colored construction paper  – Glue stick – Yarn


– Cut out a face and neck shape from the skin-colored paper – Cut the blue construction paper into thirds – For each piece of blue paper, cut a V shape into both ends – Punch a hole into one corner

– Make the tassels by laying out several pieces of yarn fold the strips in the middle – Using another piece of yarn tie a knot around the top – Take the other end of the yarn you tied around the tassel and tie it around the hole you made in the blue cap – Mount the printables onto blue sheets of paper

– Kids can draw their face onto the skin-toned paper – Glue the hat onto the head – Use construction paper to cut pieces of hair and glue under the cap

– Fill in the blanks of the printable – Glue the framed writing onto the bottom of the neck

Click Below For Full Instructions