Fall Hot Chocolate Spoons

Hot Chocolate Spoons add even more chocolate deliciousness to your cozy drink. Fall Hot Chocolate Spoons are a fun way to add a little bit more chocolate and warmth of the fall season to your drink.

– chocolate melts or chocolate bark  Topping suggestions: – ¼ cup sprinkles fall leaves – ¼ cup toffee sprinkles – ¼ cup dehydrated mini marshmallows – ¼ cup jimmies fall colors


– place wax paper on your work surface – melt chocolate in a small glass microwavable proof bowl

– dip spoons, one at a time, into the bowl filling the spoon with chocolate – tap the spoons on the edge of the bowl, allowing excess chocolate to drip off of the bottom

– slide the spoon across the edge to get even more excess chocolate off of the spoon – add additional toppings onto the melted chocolate

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