Flower Chocolate Pretzels 

Perfect for Easter, Mother's Day, and spring. Make these easy-to-make Spring Flower Chocolate Covered Pretzels. 


–Assorted Chocolate Melts  –yellow chocolate melts – mini-twist pretzels

Equipment Needed: 

– A glass microwave-proof bowl – Silicone Spatula – A fork – Wax Paper

More Fun : 

– Optional Paper Straws, cut-out paper leaves, and glue (to make the Pretzel Treats into Pretzel Pops)


Melt Chocolate 

Dip Pretzels into melted chocolate and place down on wax paper making a circle out of pretzels 

Place yellow chocolate melt in the center  

Place yellow chocolate melt in the center  

Let Dry and enjoy! 

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Click below to LEARN HOW to turn them into Flower Pops